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A few years ago, my friend Saba and I were catching up at a yummy Palo Alto restaurant.  We started chatting with our bar-dining neighbors, and while explaining that I worked in technology and money movement, the gent asks, "Why do you think we want money?"

I quickly blurt out, "For greed... and gratitude."

He says, "You should buy that domain... it sounds important."

And so, since about 2013, I've sat on this domain name.  In 2017, I'm just started to figure out how it might be used.

It seems Greed and Gratitude are different sides of the same coin.  What we hunger for drives us to do all manner of things.  What we are grateful for also drives us. 

Greed and Gratitude are the fuel for our passions.  

Over time, I hope this blog takes on more shape and substance, but for now, let's explore what fuels our passions.

Have fun!


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