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See the Beauty

Do you want to do more?  Are you itching to make an impact, but somehow just aren’t able to connect the right dots to turn inspiration into action?

I feel you.

I think of this moment in time like a tide pool.

As each day passes and the world continues to turn, I find myself in the swirl of a strange tide pool.  It all feels temporary,... and for this moment, you know, I have unexpected companions like when the starfish is suddenly neighbors with the clam and the mussel.  The tide pool has rare pairings of creatures caught in its temporary depth, soon to be rescued by the ocean and taken safely home.

One day, this will be resolved and our lives will drift back to the new normal.

But now.  Right now.  Sometimes connecting the dots feels impossible.  We are in a new place. New experiences. New threats.  New possibilities.

Of course, all this newness isn’t completely new.  Actually, most of this is not new.  

  • Millions of people have faced infectious diseases and killer viruses before

  • Millions of people have worked from home

  • Millions of people have labored at risk while others are safe

  • Millions of people have had security breaches

  • Millions of people have led solitary lives

  • Millions of people have lost all their worldly possessions

Perhaps the thing that brings pause and alarm to so many right now is that

all these things are happening to millions of more people collectively. 

The world has not stopped turning.  It continues on.

Yes, financial markets have taken a dive by 30-40%.

Yes, there is higher unemployment in the world than simply - ever.

Yes, there are people without proper medical care.

Yes, there are fingers pointing at who did what-when-where at the global level.

But there has been an impressive counter to these hardships.

  • Some companies have vowed not to lay off employees even though their financials will tumble this year.

  • Employees’ passions have inspired some companies into action, to mobilize funds, supplies, and service to those in need.

  • Individuals are creating local and global task forces to address deeply rooted issues magnified by this pandemic.

  • Governments are putting the safety of their population ahead of world dominance (OK, there are a few exceptions here)

  • NGOs are building supply lines for health, food, and shelter.

  • “Invisible people” are suddenly visible, and we are grateful for them: our health care providers, home care workers, grocery staff, delivery folk, truckers, freight line drivers, waitstaff, and so many more.

It occurs to me that this may be the moment where our nations have a bit of a wake-up call. 

Is it possible that our disconnected world is becoming more connected?

What started out as a terrorized frenzy in supermarket aisles and Wall Street clamor, has leveled out to be a subdued, stoic, and inspired globe seeking solutions.

I dare not cite a single company or individual, because there are just so many examples.

We could freeze in fear by this enormous landscape of change, but instead, the world is finding ways to keep persevering.  To endure.

To endure is to find the path that allows you to move forward with resilience and longevity.  It is not a sprint leaving a catastrophe behind you. It is not a despondent agreement to follow orders. It is the firm deep-rooted trunk that runs through our souls and allows our spirits to see the possibilities that the world offers.

I cannot let this go.  I had to share how affected I am by our humans’ response to world events.

I am inspired.

I embrace ingenuity, action, and compassion.  I don’t care where it comes from: best friends, frenemies, government, corporations, endowments, trusts, complete strangers… I don’t care.  As long as it happens.

Ingenuity, action, and compassion are happening in every corner of the earth. 

I CHALLENGE YOU to explore your enduring strength. Embrace Ingenuity.  Applaud Action. Revere Compassion.

If you are overwhelmed by all the unknowns surrounding us, I urge you to take a moment, and look for three beautiful moments in your day.  And then, please share one of those moments with someone else. It could be a social media post, a text, or an act of kindness, but any action you do with beauty in it will lift the spirit of another.

May you be moved by the beauty of the world and its creatures… including the humans.

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1 commentaire

Lisa Dymond
Lisa Dymond
29 juil. 2020

Beautiful description & tribute. So much love & appreciation for her life. Lovely read.

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